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Direct Replacement for Admiral Remote Controls

Admiral 15-T4
Admiral 16TXT
Admiral AD14M10
Admiral AD14M18
Admiral AD14M37
Admiral AD14T37
Admiral AD15M93
Admiral AD21M10
Admiral AD25M3
Admiral AD25M93
Admiral AD28S54
Admiral ATENE26
Admiral BS7004
Admiral FUTURA1632PR
Admiral FUTURA20-32PR
Admiral FUTURA22-32PR
Admiral FUTURA22-99
Admiral FUTURA26-32PR
Admiral FUTURA26-99
Admiral G1347SA
Admiral GSK12328
Admiral INFRARED1030S
Admiral INFRARED1060TS
Admiral INFRARED2030S
Admiral INFRARED320
Admiral IR1000
Admiral IR320
Admiral JSJ-12020
Admiral JSJ-12024
Admiral JSJ-12026
Admiral JSJ-12234
Admiral JSJ-12305
Admiral JSJ-12306
Admiral JSJ-12307
Admiral JSJ-12307B
Admiral JSJ-12800
Admiral JSJ-12800B
Admiral JSJ-12801
Admiral JSJ-12801B
Admiral MK1632
Admiral MK1699
Admiral MK2032
Admiral MK2099
Admiral MK2232
Admiral MK2299
Admiral MK2632
Admiral MK2699
Admiral RRMCG1347CESA
Admiral ST1
Admiral ST14S-14
Admiral ST14S-14POL-INC
Admiral ST2
Admiral ST4
Admiral SYNTESIS22
Admiral SYNTESIS2227
Admiral SYNTESIS27
Admiral TEBE22
Admiral TM40
Admiral TRD
Admiral TRD99-16PR
Admiral TS40
Admiral UT1
Admiral XG2299
Admiral XG2699




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