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Direct Replacement for Crown Remote Controls

Crown 07660CH180
Crown 08KTV94R
Crown 1050-1884
Crown 14FLAT
Crown 14L3
Crown 14L4
Crown 14VCR-TV
Crown 155-000015-00(1-VERS.)
Crown 155-000015-00(2-VERS.)
Crown 2196T
Crown 21N05
Crown 25T1
Crown 2730DT
Crown 28V5
Crown 29T1
Crown 39-43KANTEXT
Crown 48B0N1510V
Crown 48B2729C06
Crown 48B2729C17
Crown 48B444C19
Crown 50V187
Crown 5LZ187
Crown 5T1187
Crown 5T1187F
Crown 6F22
Crown 7SZ196
Crown 7TK187
Crown 7TK187F
Crown 7TV187
Crown 7TV187F
Crown 9012-001
Crown 97P1R11L00
Crown 97P1R2BT03
Crown 97P1R2BT05
Crown 97P1R2CCC0
Crown 97P1R2CCF0
Crown 97P1R3BC02
Crown 97P1R3BD13
Crown 97PA206620
Crown ACTV1672
Crown ACTV3698
Crown ACTV3798
Crown ACTV5198
Crown ACTV5527
Crown ACTV5598
Crown ACTV7296
Crown ACTV7298
Crown ALCD1507P
Crown B25187
Crown B25187F
Crown C1402
Crown C1405T
Crown CBT2139
Crown CDST935
Crown CE3703
Crown CE91-54
Crown CFT142R(1-VERS.)
Crown CFT142R(2-VERS.)
Crown CFT142RSL(1-VERS.)
Crown CFT142RSL(VERS-1)
Crown CR1406FT
Crown CR20NT
Crown CR2894(1-VERS.)
Crown CR2894(2-VERS.)
Crown CR2894R
Crown CR2896
Crown CR4014R
Crown CR5014R
Crown CR9528
Crown CROWNCE91-54
Crown CRP14T
Crown CRP21
Crown CRP2196NT
Crown CRP2196T
Crown CRP2197NT
Crown CRP21NT
Crown CRP21T
Crown CRP25NT
Crown CRT5139R
Crown CRT5159R
Crown CRT5912RT
Crown CRT9425RTN
Crown CRT9521RT
Crown CRT9528NFT
Crown CRT9551RT
Crown CRT9655RTN
Crown CRV37
Crown CRV97
Crown CT6854S
Crown CTD1421
Crown CTD2120
Crown CT-F139
Crown CTF1401R
Crown CTF-1401R
Crown CTF1401T
Crown CTF1402
Crown CTF-1402
Crown CTF1402T
Crown CTF-1402T
Crown CTF142R(1-VERS.)
Crown CTF142R(2-VERS.)
Crown CTF142RSL
Crown CTF-142RSL
Crown CTF142RSL(1-VERS.)
Crown CTF142RSL(2-VERS.)
Crown CTF1465
Crown CTF-146S
Crown CTF-14R
Crown CTF-14RSL
Crown CTF150
Crown CTF2001R
Crown CTF-2001R
Crown CTF2002T
Crown CTF-2005INFT
Crown CTF2005NFT
Crown CTF-2007
Crown CTF2020T
Crown CTF-2020T
Crown CTF2020TG
Crown CTF2805
Crown CTF2805INFT.
Crown CTF2805NFF
Crown CTF2805NFT
Crown CTF-2805NFT
Crown CTF28NT
Crown CTF-28NT
Crown CTT1506
Crown CTT1701
Crown CTT1701W
Crown CTT2001
Crown CTT2007
Crown CTT2701
Crown CTT3207W
Crown CTV1407R
Crown CTV1434
Crown CTV1487R
Crown CTV14C01TX
Crown CTV150-148
Crown CTV2001L
Crown CTV2005NFT
Crown CTV2012
Crown CTV2013
Crown CTV2023
Crown CTV2034
Crown CTV2037R
Crown CTV2037VR
Crown CTV21
Crown CTV2123
Crown CTV214
Crown CTV2153
Crown CTV216Y
Crown CTV227
Crown CTV244
Crown CTV258
Crown CTV28B3
Crown CTV-28B3
Crown CTV3705
Crown CTV4028
Crown CTV4028DIGIT
Crown CTV5020
Crown CTV5031
Crown CTV-5036TXT
Crown CTV5051
Crown CTV5055
Crown CTV5063ST
Crown CTV-5063ST
Crown CTV5123PRAT
Crown CTV5335
Crown CTV5345
Crown CTV5351
Crown CTV5354
Crown CTV5451
Crown CTV550
Crown CTV5520TX
Crown CTV5525
Crown CTV5525PF
Crown CTV5555
Crown CTV5616
Crown CTV563V
Crown CTV5701
Crown CTV5840
Crown CTV5851
Crown CTV5951
Crown CTV6030
Crown CTV6040
Crown CTV7106S
Crown CTV7206
Crown CTV7216B
Crown CTV7223PRAT
Crown CTV7225
Crown CTV7295
Crown CTV7296
Crown CTV7411
Crown CTV7501
Crown CTV7511
Crown CTV7544
Crown CTV7711S
Crown CTV7831
Crown CTV8051
Crown CTV8116
Crown CTV8130
Crown CTV8136
Crown CTV8150
Crown CTV8151
Crown CTV8208
Crown CTV8230
Crown CTV8330
Crown CTV8380
Crown CTV8451
Crown CTV8551
Crown CTV8555
Crown CTV8954
Crown CTV895-45
Crown CTV8954S
Crown CTV-A20TXT
Crown CTV-A20TXT20
Crown CTV-A34
Crown CTV-A34-34
Crown CTV-A34-34POL-INC
Crown CTV-A51
Crown CTV-A53A
Crown CTV-A53H
Crown CTV-A53H-V
Crown CTV-A53V
Crown CTV-A63A
Crown CTV-A63H
Crown CTV-A63H-V
Crown CTV-A63V
Crown CTV-A70H
Crown CTV-A70H-V
Crown CTV-A70V
Crown CTV-B50
Crown CTV-B5036
Crown CTV-B5036TXT
Crown CTV-B5051
Crown CTV-B5051TX
Crown CTV-B5055
Crown CTV-B5055ST
Crown CTV-B5063
Crown CTV-B5063ST
Crown CTV-B5070
Crown CTV-B50V
Crown CTV-B7270ST
Crown CTV-EL6051
Crown CTV-EL6151
Crown CTV-EL6255
Crown CTV-EL6263
Crown CTV-EL6270
Crown CTV-EL6270(1-VERS.)
Crown CTV-EL6270(2-VERS.)
Crown CTV-EL7051
Crown CTV-H3790
Crown CTV-H3790DK
Crown CTV-H3792DK
Crown CTV-H5160DK
Crown CTV-H5180
Crown CTV-H5180DK
Crown CTZ9009R
Crown DRV4369D
Crown DVD-F61
Crown DVR7375
Crown G1
Crown HTF142R(1-VERS.)
Crown HTF142R(2-VERS.)
Crown HTF142RSL(1-VERS.)
Crown HTF142RSL(2-VERS.)
Crown HTF9802T
Crown HTV5569R
Crown HTV6955RTN
Crown HTV9425RTN
Crown HW50
Crown IR3500
Crown IR516
Crown IR5231
Crown IR5410
Crown IR5421
Crown IR5497
Crown IR5514
Crown IR5515
Crown IR6009
Crown IR6010
Crown IR99-39TEXT
Crown K1539F
Crown KTV3941R
Crown KTV94
Crown M50560-001P
Crown MODCTV216Y
Crown NPT872F
Crown P100
Crown R29C06
Crown R46C19
Crown RC050
Crown RC124
Crown RC1241
Crown RC1543-1541
Crown RC177
Crown RC2040
Crown RC331
Crown RC34-4S
Crown RC4
Crown RC441
Crown RC510
Crown RC51321
Crown RC51331
Crown RC514
Crown RC5R
Crown RC61321
Crown RC61331
Crown RC613311
Crown RC61423
Crown RC647240
Crown RC647340
Crown RC8077
Crown RC901
Crown RC920
Crown RC930
Crown RC-Q
Crown RCT10
Crown RCT10(DVB)
Crown RCT10(TV+DVD)
Crown RCU2894R(1-VERS.)
Crown RCU2894R(2-VERS.)
Crown RCU5014R
Crown RCU-CR1405
Crown RR102
Crown RR103
Crown RVC99CH-1B
Crown S260
Crown S93MD
Crown TP142
Crown TP252
Crown TV3705
Crown TV79D
Crown TVB1131
Crown TVB1332
Crown TVB2132
Crown TVB4206
Crown TVC99CH
Crown UK60002
Crown UKV505
Crown UKV602
Crown UKV610
Crown UKV620
Crown UKV920
Crown VRS250
Crown VRS260
Crown VRS350
Crown VRS360
Crown VS068A
Crown VS068E
Crown X64187R
Crown Y10187
Crown Y10187R
Crown ZG627




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