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Direct Replacement for Digihome Remote Controls

Digihome 11AK46(DVB)
Digihome 11AK46(TVDVD)
Digihome 19961HD
Digihome 26831IDTVHD
Digihome 32723HD
Digihome 32883DVD
Digihome D32151HDLED
Digihome DAV558
Digihome DG250DTRA08
Digihome DG250DTRA08(DTROnly)
Digihome DH04L15S
Digihome DH04LCD20S
Digihome DH04LCP20S
Digihome DH215SIM
Digihome DH415SMKII
Digihome DH-TV36S(DVB)
Digihome DH-TV36S(TVDVD)
Digihome DM04IDC15S
Digihome DM04LDC15S
Digihome DTR160
Digihome DTR80
Digihome DVB915
Digihome DVD-RC38
Digihome KIT85
Digihome LTV-DX336M(DVB)
Digihome LTV-DX336M(TVDVD)
Digihome PVR320SD
Digihome PVR80
Digihome RC1055
Digihome RC1101B
Digihome RC1101S
Digihome RC1910
Digihome RC2340
Digihome TV3602VS




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