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Direct Replacement for Finlux Remote Controls

Finlux 030.007.53
Finlux 030.008.70
Finlux 030.207.73
Finlux 030.210.24
Finlux 030.211.96
Finlux 030.213.23
Finlux 030.213.61
Finlux 033.037.11
Finlux 033.075.97
Finlux 05-2170-1
Finlux 05-3306-8
Finlux 0BC510-1
Finlux 1000SERIES
Finlux 1014M
Finlux 1014N
Finlux 1015C
Finlux 1015R
Finlux 1016C
Finlux 1016R
Finlux 105-045H
Finlux 105-045Z
Finlux 105-057V
Finlux 105-068S
Finlux 10B25
Finlux 10B28
Finlux 1109TX27
Finlux 1109TX27POL-INC
Finlux 1119TX
Finlux 122OBC
Finlux 141362TX
Finlux 14A1
Finlux 14A1EE
Finlux 14A1TX
Finlux 14A1TXEE
Finlux 14B16TX
Finlux 14B59
Finlux 14B59TX
Finlux 14B61
Finlux 14B61TX
Finlux 14B62
Finlux 14B62TX
Finlux 14BS1TX
Finlux 1588-24
Finlux 15FL745
Finlux 15FLL745
Finlux 15FLND745
Finlux 15FLND745(DVB)
Finlux 15FLND745(DVD)
Finlux 15FLND745(DVR)
Finlux 15FLND745(TV)
Finlux 19FLD850VHU
Finlux 19WFLD760P
Finlux 1GA
Finlux 2014M
Finlux 2014MA
Finlux 2014M-A
Finlux 2015C
Finlux 2015CR
Finlux 2015M
Finlux 2015MA
Finlux 2015R
Finlux 2020M
Finlux 2020MA
Finlux 2021M
Finlux 2021MA
Finlux 2025M
Finlux 2028M
Finlux 20859TX
Finlux 20B59
Finlux 20B59TX
Finlux 20B61TX
Finlux 20B7T01
Finlux 20BS1TX
Finlux 20FL745
Finlux 20FLD745
Finlux 20WFD745
Finlux 20WFL745
Finlux 2147NS
Finlux 2172REMOTE
Finlux 2175REMOTE
Finlux 2185T
Finlux 21A94DB
Finlux 21B59
Finlux 21B59TX
Finlux 21B5TG02
Finlux 21B61TX
Finlux 21BS1TX
Finlux 21C22
Finlux 21C26
Finlux 21C27
Finlux 21C30
Finlux 21C46
Finlux 21C7
Finlux 21F12
Finlux 21F12TX
Finlux 21F14
Finlux 21S20
Finlux 21S21
Finlux 21S22
Finlux 21S30
Finlux 21S34
Finlux 21S38
Finlux 24K70
Finlux 2595T
Finlux 25C22
Finlux 25C26
Finlux 25C26DBUK
Finlux 25C27
Finlux 25C30
Finlux 25F12
Finlux 25F14
Finlux 25J24
Finlux 25K10
Finlux 25K30
Finlux 25M15
Finlux 25N22
Finlux 25S21
Finlux 25S22
Finlux 25S22ARTLIN
Finlux 25S24
Finlux 25S30
Finlux 25S34
Finlux 25S38
Finlux 25ST24
Finlux 25U40
Finlux 25U40WH
Finlux 2625841-63
Finlux 26FL745
Finlux 26FLD745
Finlux 26FLD750
Finlux 26FLD760
Finlux 26FLD760P
Finlux 26FLD785
Finlux 28521TX
Finlux 28C22
Finlux 28C26
Finlux 28C27
Finlux 28C30
Finlux 28F12
Finlux 28F14
Finlux 28K10
Finlux 28K30
Finlux 28N22
Finlux 28N23
Finlux 28S21
Finlux 28S22
Finlux 28S22ARTLIN
Finlux 28S24
Finlux 28S30
Finlux 28S34
Finlux 28S38
Finlux 28U40
Finlux 28W35
Finlux 29A10
Finlux 29FL2974
Finlux 29RF2974
Finlux 3000SERIES
Finlux 3014-14
Finlux 3014-14POL-INC
Finlux 3014L
Finlux 3021A-21
Finlux 3021A-21POL-INC
Finlux 3021F
Finlux 3021F-21
Finlux 3021F-21POL-INC
Finlux 3024E
Finlux 3024F
Finlux 3024M
Finlux 3024S
Finlux 3024V
Finlux 3025E
Finlux 3025F
Finlux 3025M
Finlux 3028E
Finlux 3028F
Finlux 3028H
Finlux 3028M
Finlux 3028S
Finlux 3029(V)
Finlux 3029F
Finlux 3029V
Finlux 30S21
Finlux 30W35
Finlux 313010821211A
Finlux 3215HD
Finlux 32FL745
Finlux 32FL760TC
Finlux 32FLD745
Finlux 32FLD750
Finlux 32FLD760
Finlux 32FLD760P
Finlux 32FLD785
Finlux 32FLD800
Finlux 32FLHD760
Finlux 3621F
Finlux 3624B
Finlux 3624E
Finlux 3624M
Finlux 3624P
Finlux 3624V
Finlux 3628B
Finlux 3628E
Finlux 3628M
Finlux 3628P
Finlux 3628V
Finlux 37A4
Finlux 37A4TX
Finlux 37A5TX
Finlux 37FL745
Finlux 37FLD745
Finlux 37FLD750
Finlux 37FLD785
Finlux 37FLH845
Finlux 37FLHD760
Finlux 37H1
Finlux 37H1AC-DC
Finlux 37H1AC-DC
Finlux 37H1WH
Finlux 37P1
Finlux 3GA
Finlux 4028D2MB
Finlux 41T1
Finlux 42F7020-D
Finlux 42FL745
Finlux 42FLD745
Finlux 42FLD750
Finlux 42FLD760
Finlux 42FLD785
Finlux 42FLD800
Finlux 42FLHD760
Finlux 42FLHD850U
Finlux 42PS100
Finlux 42PS200
Finlux 4528STARLINE
Finlux 45-28STARLINE
Finlux 47FLD785
Finlux 47FLHD760
Finlux 501A1
Finlux 5021A65
Finlux 5021C
Finlux 5021F
Finlux 5021F12
Finlux 5021S1
Finlux 5025(S)
Finlux 5025C
Finlux 5025F
Finlux 5025F12
Finlux 5025F12GR
Finlux 5025K10
Finlux 5025K10GR
Finlux 5025M14
Finlux 5025N65
Finlux 5025R
Finlux 5025S
Finlux 5028F
Finlux 5028F12
Finlux 5028K10
Finlux 5028M14
Finlux 5028N65
Finlux 5028S
Finlux 5029A65
Finlux 5029U
Finlux 50C28
Finlux 50F21
Finlux 50F25
Finlux 50F28
Finlux 50FPH05
Finlux 50FPHD05
Finlux 50V29
Finlux 50W21C
Finlux 50W28U
Finlux 510OBC
Finlux 5121A
Finlux 5121C
Finlux 5121S
Finlux 5125C
Finlux 5125E
Finlux 5125M
Finlux 5125N
Finlux 5125S
Finlux 5127TX21
Finlux 5128C
Finlux 5128E
Finlux 5128M
Finlux 5128N
Finlux 5128S
Finlux 51790TC
Finlux 51790TC-20
Finlux 51790TC-20POL-INC
Finlux 51A1
Finlux 51A1TX
Finlux 51A1TXEE
Finlux 51A4TX
Finlux 51A5TX
Finlux 52FLD785
Finlux 52S28
Finlux 55A1
Finlux 55A1TX
Finlux 55A1TXEE
Finlux 55A4TX
Finlux 55A5TX
Finlux 55Y
Finlux 55Y2
Finlux 560OBC
Finlux 56790TC
Finlux 60-0046
Finlux 60S28
Finlux 61F50
Finlux 61F55
Finlux 61F58GLORIA
Finlux 61GF50
Finlux 61GF55
Finlux 61GF58
Finlux 6310200601(TV+DVD)
Finlux 63A1
Finlux 63M50
Finlux 63U
Finlux 63U1
Finlux 63U2
Finlux 63U2NICAM
Finlux 63V1
Finlux 63V50
Finlux 63Y1
Finlux 63Y2
Finlux 63Y50
Finlux 63Z
Finlux 63Z100
Finlux 63Z2
Finlux 63Z3
Finlux 65W21
Finlux 6700BC
Finlux 67790TC-26
Finlux 67790TC-26POL-INC
Finlux 68200F
Finlux 68200K
Finlux 68200KF
Finlux 68200VA
Finlux 68200VA-K-FSAT
Finlux 71E50UK
Finlux 71G
Finlux 71G2
Finlux 71M
Finlux 71M50
Finlux 71Q50MULTI
Finlux 71U
Finlux 71U1
Finlux 71U1DPL
Finlux 71U2
Finlux 71U2100HZ
Finlux 71U2DPL
Finlux 71V1
Finlux 71V100MCBLACK
Finlux 71V102MCSILVER
Finlux 71V300
Finlux 71V302
Finlux 71V400
Finlux 71V402
Finlux 71V50
Finlux 71V50SILVER
Finlux 71V50VIT
Finlux 71Y
Finlux 71Y1
Finlux 71Y2
Finlux 71Y50
Finlux 71Z
Finlux 71Z100
Finlux 71Z2
Finlux 71Z3
Finlux 72F101MC
Finlux 72F155MC
Finlux 72F201MC
Finlux 72F255MC
Finlux 72F50
Finlux 72F55
Finlux 72F58GLORIA
Finlux 72FD50C
Finlux 72FD50EST
Finlux 72FD50T
Finlux 72FD51CSAK
Finlux 72FD51TSAK
Finlux 72FD52T
Finlux 72GF50
Finlux 72GF55
Finlux 72GF58
Finlux 72GX60
Finlux 72GX61
Finlux 72GX68
Finlux 72R300
Finlux 72R400SUPER
Finlux 72R50
Finlux 72X200MC
Finlux 72X60
Finlux 72XD50C
Finlux 72XD50EST
Finlux 72XD50T
Finlux 72XD68C
Finlux 74F100
Finlux 74F2
Finlux 74F50
Finlux 74U1
Finlux 74U1100HZ
Finlux 74U2
Finlux 74U2100HZ
Finlux 74X100MC
Finlux 74X110MCSILVER
Finlux 74X400
Finlux 790-001901-01
Finlux 790-002101-01
Finlux 80D28
Finlux 82F110MC
Finlux 82F155MC
Finlux 82F210MC
Finlux 82F255MC
Finlux 82F50
Finlux 82F55
Finlux 82F58GLORIA
Finlux 82GF50
Finlux 82GF55
Finlux 82GF58
Finlux 82GF58GLORIA
Finlux 82GX60
Finlux 82R1
Finlux 82R300
Finlux 82R400SUPER
Finlux 82R50
Finlux 82X110
Finlux 82X200MC
Finlux 82X210MC
Finlux 82X310MC
Finlux 82XD50C
Finlux 82XD50EST
Finlux 82XD50T
Finlux 82XD52T
Finlux 82XD68C
Finlux 82XD68T
Finlux 87A50
Finlux 9000SERIES
Finlux 9000SERIES-UK
Finlux 9560LC
Finlux 9560RC
Finlux 9560ST
Finlux 9670LC
Finlux 9670RC
Finlux 9670SRC
Finlux 9670ST
Finlux ARTL21S22
Finlux ARTL28S22
Finlux AV5605
Finlux AV5611
Finlux AVS605
Finlux AVS611
Finlux B22Y
Finlux BRODW28W35
Finlux BRODWAY2825
Finlux CARAT21-25-28
Finlux CBT2168
Finlux CMM3
Finlux COMP9922-26
Finlux CT-1401T
Finlux CT1402T
Finlux CT1402T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT1403T
Finlux CT-1403T
Finlux CT1407T
Finlux CT-1407T
Finlux CT1408T
Finlux CT-1408T
Finlux CT1409T
Finlux CT-1409T
Finlux CT1412T
Finlux CT1412T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT-1412T-DVDVERS-1
Finlux CT-1412T-DVDVERS-2
Finlux CT1413T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT-1413T-DVDVERS1
Finlux CT1414DVX
Finlux CT1414DVX(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT1414T
Finlux CT1414T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT-1414T-DVX
Finlux CT1504T
Finlux CT1504T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT2007T
Finlux CT-2007T
Finlux CT2008T
Finlux CT-2008T
Finlux CT-2101T
Finlux CT2107T
Finlux CT-2107T
Finlux CT-2108T
Finlux CT2109T
Finlux CT-2109T
Finlux CT2110T
Finlux CT-2110T
Finlux CT2110TN
Finlux CT-2111TN
Finlux CT2112TN
Finlux CT2112TN(TV+DVD)
Finlux CT-2112TN-DVDVERS1
Finlux CT-2116TN
Finlux CT2117T
Finlux CT2117TN
Finlux CT-2117TN
Finlux CT2118T
Finlux CT-2118T
Finlux CT2118TN
Finlux CT-2118TN
Finlux CT2119T
Finlux CT2119TN
Finlux CT-2119TN
Finlux CT-2811T
Finlux CT-2812TN
Finlux CT-2813TN
Finlux CT-2814TN
Finlux CT2817T
Finlux CT2817TN
Finlux CT-2817TN
Finlux CT-2818T
Finlux CT2819T
Finlux CTF1503T
Finlux CTF1503T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTF-1503T-DVDVERS1
Finlux CTF1504T
Finlux CTF1504T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTF-1504T-DVXVERS1
Finlux CTF1513T
Finlux CTF1513T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTF-1513T-DVDVERS1
Finlux CTF2113T
Finlux CTF2113TN
Finlux CTF-2113TN
Finlux CTF-2114TN
Finlux CTF-2115T
Finlux CTF-2913TN100HZ
Finlux CTFW-2828TN100HZ
Finlux CTFW-2829T
Finlux CTFW-2829TN100HZ
Finlux CTFW-3228TN100HZ
Finlux CTV55A1
Finlux CTV55Y2
Finlux CTV63T2
Finlux CTV63Y2
Finlux CTV71Y2
Finlux CTW2825T
Finlux CTW2825T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-2825T-DVD
Finlux CTW2827T
Finlux CTW2827T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-2827T-DVD
Finlux CTW2827TN
Finlux CTW2827TN(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-2837T
Finlux CTW2837TN
Finlux CTW2837TN(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-2837TN100HZ
Finlux CTW2873TN
Finlux CTW3225T
Finlux CTW-3225T
Finlux CTW3225T(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-3225T-DVD
Finlux CTW-3227T
Finlux CTW-3227T-DVD
Finlux CTW3227TN
Finlux CTW3227TN(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-3237T
Finlux CTW3237TN
Finlux CTW3237TN(TV+DVD)
Finlux CTW-3237TN-DVD
Finlux DVD510
Finlux DVD-RH1602
Finlux DVD-RH2502
Finlux EFHCO4P3P
Finlux EGT28
Finlux ERC460
Finlux F1GY
Finlux F265
Finlux F267
Finlux F285
Finlux F287
Finlux F2GY
Finlux F324
Finlux F3667
Finlux F3668
Finlux F3687
Finlux F465
Finlux F467
Finlux F485
Finlux F487
Finlux F4GY
Finlux FB90
Finlux FL3710BF-TXT
Finlux FL37BK5
Finlux FL37BK5-2
Finlux FL37BK5-2S
Finlux FL5110BF-TXT
Finlux FL51BK50
Finlux FL51BK50-2
Finlux FL51BK50-2S
Finlux FL5510BF-TXT
Finlux FL55BKST
Finlux FL55BKSTS
Finlux FL70
Finlux FL71-100BKST
Finlux FL71-100BKST-S
Finlux FL71AV
Finlux FL71BKST
Finlux FL71BKST-S
Finlux FL74X100
Finlux FL84BK50
Finlux FN1412
Finlux FN210
Finlux FORMA3021F
Finlux FORMA3024F
Finlux FORMA3028F
Finlux FTM536
Finlux FTM542
Finlux FTM551
Finlux FTS9510
Finlux FTS9560
Finlux FTS9570
Finlux FUTURA9510
Finlux FUTURA9560
Finlux FUTURA9670
Finlux FX14400DIVX(DVB)
Finlux FX14400DIVX(TV+DVD)
Finlux FX32850-S8
Finlux FX42850
Finlux FX46882
Finlux FX702
Finlux GW72X8
Finlux IR16
Finlux IR20
Finlux IR22
Finlux IR26
Finlux IR5515
Finlux IRC81043
Finlux K0019
Finlux K0021
Finlux K2241
Finlux KINO25
Finlux KINO28
Finlux LCD-1500TDVD
Finlux LCD-1500TN
Finlux LCD-1500TNBL
Finlux LCD-1510TN
Finlux LCD1520TN
Finlux LCD-1700TDVD
Finlux LCD-1700TN
Finlux LCD-1710TN
Finlux LCD-1710TNDVD
Finlux LCD-2025TN
Finlux LCD-2615HD
Finlux LCD-2620TN
Finlux LCD-2625TN
Finlux LCD-2630TN
Finlux LCD-2635TN
Finlux LCD-3200TN
Finlux LCD-3210TN
Finlux LCD-3225TN
Finlux LCD-3235TN
Finlux LCD-3735TN
Finlux LOE167
Finlux LOHJARC11RC3010
Finlux LUNAR99
Finlux META8326
Finlux MRD920
Finlux NEWLINE5528
Finlux NS1
Finlux OBC122
Finlux OBC510-1
Finlux OBC510-2
Finlux OBC510PDL-RDL
Finlux OBC560-1
Finlux OBC560-2
Finlux OBC570-1
Finlux OBC570-2
Finlux OBC670-1
Finlux OBC670-2
Finlux ORBITER99
Finlux PL4220TN
Finlux PL4225TN
Finlux PR106
Finlux PRIMO3021A
Finlux R2610TN
Finlux RC0302-00
Finlux RC0302-00
Finlux RC0310
Finlux RC0310-00
Finlux RC1000
Finlux RC1002
Finlux RC1003
Finlux RC1004
Finlux RC1016
Finlux RC1080
Finlux RC1081
Finlux RC1082
Finlux RC1110
Finlux RC1110(DVB)
Finlux RC1110(DVD)
Finlux RC1110(DVR)
Finlux RC1110(TV)
Finlux RC112
Finlux RC1122TX
Finlux RC1123702-00
Finlux RC1123702-00
Finlux RC112-P9-BG
Finlux RC112-P9-BG
Finlux RC1147
Finlux RC1186
Finlux RC1205
Finlux RC1282
Finlux RC1317
Finlux RC1433
Finlux RC1546
Finlux RC172
Finlux RC1900
Finlux RC1940MINI
Finlux RC200
Finlux RC21191
Finlux RC21211
Finlux RC213
Finlux RC300
Finlux RC3000
Finlux RC3001
Finlux RC3002
Finlux RC3003
Finlux RC3008SERVICE
Finlux RC3010
Finlux RC3011
Finlux RC310
Finlux RC314
Finlux RC322
Finlux RC323
Finlux RC324
Finlux RC327
Finlux RC340
Finlux RC3400
Finlux RC342
Finlux RC343
Finlux RC345
Finlux RC352
Finlux RC355
Finlux RC357
Finlux RC360
Finlux RC365
Finlux RC370
Finlux RC3700
Finlux RC371
Finlux RC372
Finlux RC3800
Finlux RC3900
Finlux RC3-R02
Finlux RC400
Finlux RC40S
Finlux RC4163
Finlux RC420
Finlux RC424
Finlux RC45
Finlux RC470
Finlux RC470OBS
Finlux RC470TXT
Finlux RC500
Finlux RC501
Finlux RC5010
Finlux RC501VIT
Finlux RC502
Finlux RC504B
Finlux RC504F
Finlux RC505
Finlux RC508
Finlux RC51
Finlux RC510
Finlux RC5100
Finlux RC5110
Finlux RC513
Finlux RC520
Finlux RC523
Finlux RC530
Finlux RC5373
Finlux RC550
Finlux RC551
Finlux RC554
Finlux RC554(SAT)
Finlux RC554(TV)
Finlux RC580TX
Finlux RC60
Finlux RC605
Finlux RC63TVDVD
Finlux RC70
Finlux RC705
Finlux RC70F
Finlux RC9000
Finlux RCD410
Finlux RCD420
Finlux RCD620
Finlux RCF100
Finlux RCF150
Finlux RCF300
Finlux RCF300A
Finlux RCF600
Finlux RCF601
Finlux RCF604
Finlux RCF605
Finlux RCF605B
Finlux RCF606
Finlux RCF614
Finlux RCF620
Finlux RCF622
Finlux RCF630
Finlux RCF630LF
Finlux RCF632LF
Finlux RCF634
Finlux RCF636
Finlux RCF638
Finlux RCF6388
Finlux RCF638B
Finlux RCF641
Finlux RCF700
Finlux RCF701
Finlux RCF702
Finlux RCF800
Finlux RCF801
Finlux RCL800
Finlux RCN200
Finlux RCN600
Finlux RCN601
Finlux RCN638
Finlux RCN642
Finlux RCN800
Finlux RCT10
Finlux RCT10(DVB)
Finlux RCT10(TV+DVD)
Finlux RCTM38-S3
Finlux RC-TM38-S3
Finlux RCU600
Finlux RCU610
Finlux RCU610LF
Finlux RCX100
Finlux RCX300
Finlux RCX701
Finlux RCX702
Finlux RCX800
Finlux RD560
Finlux RD9000
Finlux RK100
Finlux RK100-2
Finlux RVR910B
Finlux S13P40A
Finlux SAGA21
Finlux SAGA25
Finlux SAGA28
Finlux SAT5800
Finlux SC500E
Finlux SCHEMA3024E
Finlux SCHEMA3028E
Finlux SCN600
Finlux SD3
Finlux SERIE1000
Finlux SERIE3000
Finlux SERIE4000
Finlux SERIE5000
Finlux SERIE760
Finlux SERIE785
Finlux SERIE800
Finlux SERIE9000
Finlux SF130
Finlux SK4028
Finlux SKYDESIGN3000
Finlux SM1
Finlux SM1VT
Finlux SM2
Finlux SM2SAT
Finlux SPECIE3029L
Finlux SP-H4
Finlux SP-H5
Finlux SR4200
Finlux SR4250
Finlux SR5800
Finlux SR5900
Finlux ST1VT
Finlux ST29029
Finlux STAR3021F
Finlux STAR3024F
Finlux STAR3028F
Finlux STAR3028H
Finlux STARLINE4528
Finlux T36640-2
Finlux T420
Finlux TC140
Finlux TC143
Finlux TC240
Finlux TC300
Finlux TC3001
Finlux TC3002
Finlux TC3003
Finlux TC3008
Finlux TC302
Finlux TC400
Finlux TC500
Finlux TC7035
Finlux TIPO113
Finlux TIPO114
Finlux TM3602
Finlux TM3602LCD-PDP
Finlux TM3602PT100
Finlux TM3602PT100-PT200
Finlux TM3602PT200
Finlux TM3603
Finlux TM3702
Finlux TM38S2
Finlux TM38-S2
Finlux TM38S3
Finlux TM38-S3
Finlux TM64DVD-TV
Finlux TRS99-32
Finlux TV5120
Finlux VARIO3024V
Finlux VARIO3029V
Finlux VIKING51790
Finlux VIKING56790
Finlux VIKING67790
Finlux VR1010
Finlux VR1020
Finlux VR1025
Finlux VR2010
Finlux VR2020
Finlux VR2025
Finlux VR6450
Finlux VR7450
Finlux VTS77




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