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Direct Replacement for Pioneer Remote Controls

Pioneer 076E0PP141
Pioneer 076R0JZ060
Pioneer 14330JAZZ
Pioneer 21AV1
Pioneer 25AV1
Pioneer 28AV1
Pioneer 3703-00
Pioneer 482221820598(TV)
Pioneer 482221820598(VCR)
Pioneer 70601A
Pioneer A3629
Pioneer A66EAK51X03
Pioneer AV5600
Pioneer AV5684
Pioneer AXD1369
Pioneer AXD1459
Pioneer AXD1463
Pioneer AXD1471
Pioneer AXD1481
Pioneer AXD1491
Pioneer AXD1494
Pioneer AXD1498
Pioneer AXD1499
Pioneer AXD1515
Pioneer AXD1516
Pioneer AXD1525
Pioneer AXD1528
Pioneer AXD1529
Pioneer AXD1532
Pioneer AXD1541
Pioneer AXD1551
Pioneer AXD1552
Pioneer AXD1552J
Pioneer AXD1553
Pioneer AXD7337
Pioneer AXD7440
Pioneer BCT1220T
Pioneer BCT1320
Pioneer BET1420
Pioneer BR82B
Pioneer BXD1041
Pioneer BXD1047
Pioneer COMPACTD-E110
Pioneer COMPACTD-E110B
Pioneer COMPACTD-E90
Pioneer CU-600E
Pioneer CU-9005S
Pioneer CU-DV002
Pioneer CU-DV014
Pioneer CU-DV022
Pioneer CU-DV025
Pioneer CU-DV036
Pioneer CU-DV042
Pioneer CU-DV050
Pioneer CU-DV054
Pioneer CU-DV092
Pioneer CU-DV828A
Pioneer CU-PDP002
Pioneer CU-SD025
Pioneer CU-SD043
Pioneer CU-SD055
Pioneer CU-SD058
Pioneer CU-SD066
Pioneer CU-SD079
Pioneer CU-SD097
Pioneer CU-SD5T
Pioneer CU-SE058
Pioneer CU-SV025
Pioneer CU-SV1
Pioneer CU-SV1F
Pioneer CU-SV3
Pioneer CU-SV3F
Pioneer CU-SV4
Pioneer CU-VR001
Pioneer CU-VR002
Pioneer CU-VR007
Pioneer CU-VR011
Pioneer CU-VR014
Pioneer CU-VR016
Pioneer CUVSX051
Pioneer CUVSX118-I
Pioneer CUVSX118-IB
Pioneer CUV-SX167
Pioneer CUV-SX167(DVD)
Pioneer CXC5719
Pioneer CXC5719(4)
Pioneer DBR-220SC
Pioneer DBR-S100
Pioneer DBR-S1001
Pioneer DBR-S10012
Pioneer DBR-S100NL
Pioneer DBR-S1101
Pioneer DBR-S110I
Pioneer DBR-S120I
Pioneer DBR-S120NL
Pioneer DBR-S200(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S200(TV)
Pioneer DBR-S200F-NL(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S200F-NL(TV)
Pioneer DBR-S200I(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S200I(TV)
Pioneer DBR-S2101
Pioneer DBR-S210I
Pioneer DBR-S210I(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S210I(TV)
Pioneer DBR-S210NL(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S210NL(TV)
Pioneer DBR-S220I
Pioneer DBR-S300NL
Pioneer DBR-S400I(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S400I(TV)
Pioneer DBR-S400NL(SAT)
Pioneer DBR-S400NL(TV)
Pioneer DBRT200GB
Pioneer DBR-T200GB
Pioneer DBRT200GBR
Pioneer DBR-T200GBR
Pioneer DBRT210GBN
Pioneer DBR-T210GBN
Pioneer DBR-T210GBP
Pioneer DBR-T210GBS
Pioneer DBR-TF100
Pioneer DBR-TF100GB
Pioneer DSM1407
Pioneer DST5816
Pioneer DTV6010
Pioneer DV-120K
Pioneer DV-220V
Pioneer DV-220V-K
Pioneer DV2570S
Pioneer DV2650
Pioneer DV2700
Pioneer DV2750S
Pioneer DV2850S
Pioneer DV300K
Pioneer DV300S
Pioneer DV340
Pioneer DV343
Pioneer DV350
Pioneer DV360
Pioneer DV370
Pioneer DV370S
Pioneer DV380K
Pioneer DV380S
Pioneer DV393K
Pioneer DV393S
Pioneer DV400VK
Pioneer DV400VS
Pioneer DV414
Pioneer DV-420V
Pioneer DV-420V-K
Pioneer DV-420V-K(4)
Pioneer DV444
Pioneer DV454
Pioneer DV464
Pioneer DV474
Pioneer DV490VK
Pioneer DV490VS
Pioneer DV500KK
Pioneer DV500KS
Pioneer DV515
Pioneer DV525
Pioneer DV530
Pioneer DV533
Pioneer DV535
Pioneer DV545
Pioneer DV550
Pioneer DV565
Pioneer DV575
Pioneer DV575A
Pioneer DV585A-SK
Pioneer DV600AVK
Pioneer DV600AVS
Pioneer DV626
Pioneer DV636D
Pioneer DV646A
Pioneer DV656A
Pioneer DV668AV-S
Pioneer DV696AV
Pioneer DV717
Pioneer DV737
Pioneer DV747A
Pioneer DV-868AVI
Pioneer DV868AVI-S
Pioneer DV939A
Pioneer DV989AVI-S
Pioneer DVD076E0PP131
Pioneer DVD2650
Pioneer DVD3505
Pioneer DVD470
Pioneer DVD515
Pioneer DVDR433H
Pioneer DVL9
Pioneer DVL909
Pioneer DVL-909
Pioneer DVL919E
Pioneer DVR220
Pioneer DVR220(DVD)
Pioneer DVR220(TV)
Pioneer DVR230S
Pioneer DVR3100S
Pioneer DVR3100S(DVD)
Pioneer DVR3100S(TV)
Pioneer DVR320
Pioneer DVR320(DVD)
Pioneer DVR320(TV)
Pioneer DVR420H
Pioneer DVR-420H(DVD)
Pioneer DVR-420H(TV)
Pioneer DVR433HK
Pioneer DVR433HS
Pioneer DVR440HK
Pioneer DVR440HS
Pioneer DVR443HK
Pioneer DVR443HS
Pioneer DVR5100H
Pioneer DVR-5100H
Pioneer DVR520H
Pioneer DVR520H(DVD)
Pioneer DVR520H(TV)
Pioneer DVR530H
Pioneer DVR530HS
Pioneer DVR530HS(DVD)
Pioneer DVR530HS(TV)
Pioneer DVR540HS
Pioneer DVR545HS
Pioneer DVR555H
Pioneer DVR630HS
Pioneer DVR630HS(DVD)
Pioneer DVR630HS(TV)
Pioneer DVR645HS
Pioneer DVR7000
Pioneer DVR7000(DVD)
Pioneer DVR7000(TV)
Pioneer DVR720H
Pioneer DVR720H(DVD)
Pioneer DVR720H(TV)
Pioneer DVR-LX60D
Pioneer DVR-RT501S
Pioneer DVR-RT501S(DVD)
Pioneer DVR-RT501S(TV)
Pioneer DVR-RT601HS
Pioneer DVR-RT601HS(DVD)
Pioneer DVR-RT601HS(TV)
Pioneer DVR-RT602S
Pioneer DV-U7
Pioneer GOLDBOXBCT1220
Pioneer GOLDBOXCT1220T
Pioneer IRS3
Pioneer JAZZ14330
Pioneer KBI8001
Pioneer KPI8001VOIR
Pioneer LC3518BML15
Pioneer MC14538P
Pioneer N70TXT
Pioneer N70TXT-S
Pioneer PDP4270XA
Pioneer PDP4270XD
Pioneer PDP-4270XD
Pioneer PDP427HD
Pioneer PDP427XA(TVONLY)
Pioneer PDP427XD
Pioneer PDP4280XA
Pioneer PDP4280XD
Pioneer PDP428XD
Pioneer PDP-428XD
Pioneer PDP42MVE1
Pioneer PDP42MXE10
Pioneer PDP42RXE
Pioneer PDP433HDE
Pioneer PDP-433HDE
Pioneer PDP433MXE
Pioneer PDP434HDE
Pioneer PDP435FDE
Pioneer PDP435HDE
Pioneer PDP435PE
Pioneer PDP435XDE
Pioneer PDP-435XDE
Pioneer PDP436FDE
Pioneer PDP436RXE
Pioneer PDP436SXE
Pioneer PDP436XDE
Pioneer PDP501MX
Pioneer PDP502MXE
Pioneer PDP503HDE
Pioneer PDP503MXE
Pioneer PDP504HDE
Pioneer PDP505HDE
Pioneer PDP505XDE
Pioneer PDP506FDE
Pioneer PDP506XDE
Pioneer PDP507XD
Pioneer PDP5080XD
Pioneer PDP508XD
Pioneer PDP533MXE
Pioneer PDP615EX
Pioneer PDP-LX5080D
Pioneer PDP-LX5080D
Pioneer PDP-LX508D
Pioneer PDP-LX6080D
Pioneer PDP-LX608D
Pioneer PDP-R03E
Pioneer PDS503HDE
Pioneer PDV20
Pioneer PDV-LC10
Pioneer PDV-LC20
Pioneer PEE583537
Pioneer PEE583820
Pioneer PEE583-820
Pioneer PEE583821
Pioneer PEE583-821
Pioneer PEE586532
Pioneer PEE586-537
Pioneer PIONEER102
Pioneer PV-6173
Pioneer RC112
Pioneer RC1123702-00
Pioneer RC1123702-00
Pioneer RC112-P9-BG
Pioneer RC5540
Pioneer RC5541
Pioneer RC8238-00
Pioneer RC8243
Pioneer RC8250
Pioneer RC8386-00
Pioneer RCT5603
Pioneer RT102
Pioneer SBR-S100NL
Pioneer SD21AV
Pioneer SD21AV1
Pioneer SD-21AV1
Pioneer SD21AV2
Pioneer SD25AV1
Pioneer SD-25AV1
Pioneer SD25AV2
Pioneer SD28AV1
Pioneer SD-28AV1
Pioneer SD28AV1-28
Pioneer SD28AV1-28POL-INC
Pioneer SD28AV2
Pioneer SD28AVSOG-E
Pioneer SDH1407
Pioneer SDM1407
Pioneer SD-T292
Pioneer SDT4000
Pioneer SDT5000
Pioneer SDVRLX70D
Pioneer SH-DT510
Pioneer SP3
Pioneer SR-003
Pioneer SSR52M6
Pioneer SSR52M6(SAT)
Pioneer SV1
Pioneer SV1202
Pioneer SV2101
Pioneer SV-2101
Pioneer SV2102
Pioneer SV-2102
Pioneer SV2103
Pioneer SV-2103
Pioneer SV211
Pioneer SV21I
Pioneer SV21I50
Pioneer SV2201
Pioneer SV2501
Pioneer SV-2501
Pioneer SV2502
Pioneer SV-2502
Pioneer SV2503
Pioneer SV-2503
Pioneer SV2505
Pioneer SV251
Pioneer SV25I
Pioneer SV2801
Pioneer SV-2801
Pioneer SV2802
Pioneer SV-2802
Pioneer SV2803
Pioneer SV-2803
Pioneer SV281
Pioneer SV281SO
Pioneer SV28I
Pioneer TV1136
Pioneer VXX2700
Pioneer VXX2702
Pioneer VXX2724
Pioneer VXX2776
Pioneer VXX2776(DVD)
Pioneer VXX2776(TV)
Pioneer VXX2800
Pioneer VXX2801
Pioneer VXX2805
Pioneer VXX2865
Pioneer VXX2865(4)
Pioneer VXX2866
Pioneer VXX2884
Pioneer VXX2884(DVD)
Pioneer VXX2884(TV)
Pioneer VXX2908
Pioneer VXX2908(DVD)
Pioneer VXX2908(TV)
Pioneer VXX2913
Pioneer VXX2914
Pioneer VXX2929
Pioneer VXX2929(DVD)
Pioneer VXX2929(TV)
Pioneer VXX2957
Pioneer VXX2969
Pioneer VXX2969(DVD)
Pioneer VXX2969(TV)
Pioneer VXX2983
Pioneer VXX3048
Pioneer VXX3069
Pioneer VXX3071
Pioneer VXX3129
Pioneer VXX3216
Pioneer VXX3221
Pioneer XV-DV222
Pioneer XV-DV303
Pioneer XVDV313
Pioneer XV-DV313
Pioneer XV-DV360
Pioneer XV-DV515
Pioneer XV-DV55
Pioneer XV-DV88
Pioneer XXD3058
Pioneer XXD3058(4)
Pioneer XXD3059
Pioneer XXD3076
Pioneer XXD3121
Pioneer ZY0160-02492




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