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Direct Replacement for Roadstar Remote Controls

Roadstar 07660CH190
Roadstar 07660CH390
Roadstar 076ROCH190
Roadstar 1010XKT
Roadstar 105-068G
Roadstar 105-231G
Roadstar 1439TS
Roadstar 14BK3523VR
Roadstar 14BK3577VR
Roadstar 2010H
Roadstar 2013H
Roadstar 2020H-N
Roadstar 2020KLTNN
Roadstar 2025H
Roadstar 2842B
Roadstar 28C1797
Roadstar 38T1
Roadstar 5LZ187
Roadstar 5T1187
Roadstar 5T1187F
Roadstar 6BZ187
Roadstar 7000-3
Roadstar 7TK187
Roadstar 7TK187F
Roadstar 97P1R40K00
Roadstar B25187
Roadstar B25187F
Roadstar CD3010GO
Roadstar CHASSIS14.1CTV
Roadstar CMM3
Roadstar CTV1007
Roadstar CTV1007MS
Roadstar CTV1010
Roadstar CTV1010KLTS
Roadstar CTV1010XK
Roadstar CTV1010XKT
Roadstar CTV1015KLT-S
Roadstar CTV1015K-S
Roadstar CTV1020
Roadstar CTV102051
Roadstar CTV1022
Roadstar CTV1032
Roadstar CTV14001
Roadstar CTV1400X1
Roadstar CTV1400XK1
Roadstar CTV1400XLT1
Roadstar CTV1400XT
Roadstar CTV1400XT1
Roadstar CTV1400XT-1
Roadstar CTV1403X
Roadstar CTV1406TX14
Roadstar CTV1406XL
Roadstar CTV1408
Roadstar CTV1410
Roadstar CTV1410XKT
Roadstar CTV1411
Roadstar CTV1411KLT
Roadstar CTV1412X(VER1)
Roadstar CTV1412X(VERS.1)
Roadstar CTV1412XT-NS(VER2004)
Roadstar CTV1412XT-NS(VERS.2004)
Roadstar CTV1412XTS
Roadstar CTV1412XTS2003
Roadstar CTV1415X-1030
Roadstar CTV1415X-1040
Roadstar CTV1415XS
Roadstar CTV1415XT-1030
Roadstar CTV1415XT-1040
Roadstar CTV1418XT
Roadstar CTV1423
Roadstar CTV1424XT-SL
Roadstar CTV1426XT
Roadstar CTV1432
Roadstar CTV1433X
Roadstar CTV1433XL
Roadstar CTV1433XT(VER1)
Roadstar CTV1433XT(VER2)
Roadstar CTV1433XT(VERS.1)
Roadstar CTV1433XT(VERS.2)
Roadstar CTV1434T-S
Roadstar CTV1439
Roadstar CTV1439T-S
Roadstar CTV1450KT(1-VERS.)
Roadstar CTV1450KT(2-VERS.)
Roadstar CTV1450KT(VERS1)
Roadstar CTV1450KT(VERS2)
Roadstar CTV1590
Roadstar CTV2001
Roadstar CTV2003X
Roadstar CTV2003XLT
Roadstar CTV2003XT
Roadstar CTV2003XT(VER1)
Roadstar CTV2003XT(VER2)
Roadstar CTV2003XT(VERS.1)
Roadstar CTV2003XT(VERS.2)
Roadstar CTV2012T
Roadstar CTV2012XLT(VER1)
Roadstar CTV2012XLT(VER2)
Roadstar CTV2012XLT(VERS.1)
Roadstar CTV2012XLT(VERS.2)
Roadstar CTV2012XT
Roadstar CTV2015X
Roadstar CTV2015XT
Roadstar CTV2016TXT-S
Roadstar CTV2018XT
Roadstar CTV2020
Roadstar CTV2020XT-F
Roadstar CTV2025KT
Roadstar CTV202XTS
Roadstar CTV2034T-S
Roadstar CTV2034XT-S
Roadstar CTV2036XT
Roadstar CTV2039T-S
Roadstar CTV2050KT
Roadstar CTV2102XT
Roadstar CTV2103XT
Roadstar CTV2103XTS
Roadstar CTV2105
Roadstar CTV2108
Roadstar CTV2118X
Roadstar CTV2118XT
Roadstar CTV2134KT-S
Roadstar CTV2134KT-SN
Roadstar CTV2134LT-S
Roadstar CTV2134T-S
Roadstar CTV2134T-SN
Roadstar CTV2134TS-S
Roadstar CTV2134T-SS
Roadstar CTV2137T-S
Roadstar CTV2139T-S
Roadstar CTV2150KT
Roadstar CTV2180
Roadstar CTV2181RTS-S
Roadstar CTV2182RTS-S
Roadstar CTV21903XTS
Roadstar CTV2503XLS
Roadstar CTV2803XTS
Roadstar CTV28100HZ
Roadstar CTV2811L
Roadstar CTV2811XLTN
Roadstar CTV2811XTS
Roadstar CTV2811XTS-NX
Roadstar CTV2816XTS(VER1)
Roadstar CTV2816XTS(VER2)
Roadstar CTV2816XTS(VERS.1)
Roadstar CTV2816XTS(VERS.2)
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-A
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-A
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-B
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-B
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-C
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-S
Roadstar CTV2834KTN-S
Roadstar CTV2834LTS-S
Roadstar CTV2834TS
Roadstar CTV2834TS-SN
Roadstar CTV2834XTS
Roadstar CTV2835TS-S
Roadstar CTV2854WKTN
Roadstar CTV2854WTS-S
Roadstar CTV2891FY
Roadstar CTV2903
Roadstar CTV2981RTN-S
Roadstar CTV3234
Roadstar CTV3234WKTN
Roadstar CTV3234WTS-S
Roadstar CTV3270FM
Roadstar CTV3311
Roadstar CTV3311XLTN
Roadstar CTV3311XTS
Roadstar CTV3335XLS
Roadstar CTV5100
Roadstar CTV5100-6
Roadstar CTV5100-6POL-INC
Roadstar CTV5100-6---SERIES
Roadstar CTV510-6
Roadstar CTV510-6POL-INC
Roadstar CTV510-6---SERIES
Roadstar CTV514
Roadstar CTV522E
Roadstar CTV522EK
Roadstar CTV522EX
Roadstar CTV522X
Roadstar CTV522XL
Roadstar CTV550(1B-VERS.)
Roadstar CTV550(2B-VERS.)
Roadstar CTV550(VER1)
Roadstar CTV550(VER2)
Roadstar CTV5512MS
Roadstar CTV552E
Roadstar CTV552EK-10
Roadstar CTV552EK-10POL-INC
Roadstar CTV552EX-10
Roadstar CTV552EX-10POL-INC
Roadstar CTV552XL-10
Roadstar CTV552XL-10POL-INC
Roadstar CTV5555
Roadstar CTV5555XL
Roadstar CTV565
Roadstar CTV565PAL
Roadstar CTV570EK
Roadstar D3R187F
Roadstar DHT-7188XUS
Roadstar DSR3001S
Roadstar DSR3001SGOLDBOX
Roadstar DSR3003CI
Roadstar DVB2004BT
Roadstar DVD2000H
Roadstar DVD2010H
Roadstar DVD2012H
Roadstar DVD2013
Roadstar DVD2014H
Roadstar DVD20161
Roadstar DVD2016I
Roadstar DVD2017H
Roadstar DVD2019H
Roadstar DVD2020HN
Roadstar DVD2025H
Roadstar DVD2027H
Roadstar DVD2028H
Roadstar DVD2031H
Roadstar DVD2040H
Roadstar DVD2042H
Roadstar DVD2053S
Roadstar DVD2057H
Roadstar DVD2200K
Roadstar DVD2501X
Roadstar DVD2501X-N
Roadstar DVD2506X
Roadstar DVD2506X-N
Roadstar DVD3201LCD
Roadstar DVD3620H-N
Roadstar DVD3623
Roadstar DVD5103PSPK
Roadstar DVD5108PSPK
Roadstar DVD5111PSPK
Roadstar DVD5112PSPK
Roadstar DVD5113PSPK
Roadstar DVD5115PSPK
Roadstar DVDRC38
Roadstar DVR9100
Roadstar FDCD3L2
Roadstar GMS30012-R036
Roadstar GMS30140R264
Roadstar GS8489-06A
Roadstar H48RAOA(DVB)
Roadstar H48RAOA(DVB)
Roadstar H48RAOA(TV+DVD)
Roadstar HJ6122-201
Roadstar HT48RAOA(DVB)
Roadstar HT48RAOA(DVB)
Roadstar HT48RAOA(TV+DVD)
Roadstar KS51840-A9
Roadstar KS51900-22
Roadstar LCD1040KLTN
Roadstar LCD1082KLDVB
Roadstar LCD1520KLTNN
Roadstar LCD1540KLTN
Roadstar LCD1544KLTN
Roadstar LCD1560KL
Roadstar LCD1561PKL
Roadstar LCD1561PKLDV
Roadstar LCD1590KLN
Roadstar LCD1592KL
Roadstar LCD1593DVB-T
Roadstar LCD1720KLTN
Roadstar LCD1990WKLN
Roadstar LCD1991WDVB-T
Roadstar LCD2020KLTNN
Roadstar LCD2020KLTNN(1-VERS.)
Roadstar LCD2020KLTNN(2-VERS.)
Roadstar LCD2040
Roadstar LCD2044KLTN
Roadstar LCD2070KLN
Roadstar LCD2071KLN-B
Roadstar LCD2071KLN-S
Roadstar LCD2072KLN-B
Roadstar LCD2072KLN-S
Roadstar LCD2080KLN
Roadstar LCD2080KLTN
Roadstar LCD2620KLTN
Roadstar LCD3020KLTN
Roadstar LCD5011K-S
Roadstar LCD5012K-S
Roadstar LCD5014LK-S
Roadstar LCD5014LK-S
Roadstar LCD5612S
Roadstar LCD6212K-S
Roadstar LCD7082KLDVB
Roadstar LCD7112KL-S
Roadstar LCD7112K-S
Roadstar LCD7114KL
Roadstar LCD8012K-S
Roadstar LCD8082KLDVB
Roadstar LCD8082KLDVB
Roadstar LCD8412K-S
Roadstar LCD8482KLDVB
Roadstar LTD-1025CLR
Roadstar M3200
Roadstar NR14X12
Roadstar NR-CTV2020XT-S
Roadstar NR-CTV2137T-S
Roadstar NR-CTV2182RTS-S
Roadstar NR-FE200T
Roadstar NRP-DT4200KLTNN
Roadstar PDT4200
Roadstar PDT4200KLTND
Roadstar PR109
Roadstar PR427
Roadstar RC1030
Roadstar RC112
Roadstar RC124
Roadstar RC12-4
Roadstar RC1241
Roadstar RC1540
Roadstar RC1940
Roadstar RC2040
Roadstar RC21211
Roadstar RC2143
Roadstar RC222
Roadstar RC223
Roadstar RC5010(DVB)
Roadstar RC5010(DVB)
Roadstar RC5010(TV+DVD)
Roadstar RC647340
Roadstar RC-CTV1020
Roadstar RC-N1A
Roadstar RC-N1A(TV)
Roadstar RC-N1A(VCR)
Roadstar RC-N2A
Roadstar RDV221
Roadstar RN3200H
Roadstar RN3550
Roadstar RR3600B
Roadstar RT110-201
Roadstar S00619
Roadstar S1341A-X42
Roadstar SAT200
Roadstar SAT2001
Roadstar SAT385
Roadstar SC6122-001
Roadstar STV1020X
Roadstar T8945H
Roadstar TLV1061
Roadstar TLV1081
Roadstar TLV1081XT
Roadstar TLV1084
Roadstar TLV1085
Roadstar TLV1085XT
Roadstar TLV1405COMBI
Roadstar TLV1420X
Roadstar TLV1491KS
Roadstar TLV2005
Roadstar TLV2005VWX
Roadstar TLV2020VX
Roadstar TV202T
Roadstar TVD1432(DVB)
Roadstar TVD1432(DVB)
Roadstar TVD1432(TV+DVD)
Roadstar TVD1451LT
Roadstar TVD1451LT(DVD)
Roadstar TVD1451LT(TV)
Roadstar TVD2150XTS
Roadstar TVD2150XTS(DVD)
Roadstar TVD2150XTS(TV)
Roadstar TVD2151KLTN(DVB)
Roadstar TVD2151KLTN(DVB)
Roadstar TVD2151KLTN(TV+DVD)
Roadstar TVG202T
Roadstar TVR440
Roadstar TVR541
Roadstar UKV920
Roadstar VCR7474
Roadstar VES-01
Roadstar VS068G
Roadstar VS-068G
Roadstar WLP300S
Roadstar X64187R
Roadstar X65187R
Roadstar Y10187
Roadstar ZR4187
Roadstar ZR4187R




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