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Direct Replacement for Teac Remote Controls

Teac 043A55656W170
Teac 08HS46FOM13F
Teac 155R63308020
Teac 155R6330812
Teac AF-H350
Teac AG-10D
Teac CT-F5151
Teac CT-F5152
Teac CT-F6800
Teac CT-F6800S
Teac CT-F683
Teac CT-F6850
Teac CT-F6850S
Teac CT-F6851
Teac CT-F6851AV
Teac CT-F6851S
Teac CT-F6860
Teac CT-F6860S
Teac CT-F687
Teac CT-F6870
Teac CT-F6870S
Teac CT-F6890
Teac CT-F6890S
Teac CT-M0105
Teac CT-M1413
Teac CT-M15S
Teac CT-M205
Teac CT-M217
Teac CT-M285
Teac CT-M285RCT
Teac CT-M341
Teac CT-M342
Teac CT-M342H
Teac CT-M343
Teac CT-M3440
Teac CT-M3440W
Teac CT-M3442
Teac CT-M3442H
Teac CT-M485
Teac CT-M5100
Teac CT-M5110
Teac CT-M5110H
Teac CT-M5122
Teac CT-M5122H
Teac CT-M5140
Teac CT-M5140H
Teac CT-M515
Teac CT-M515S
Teac CT-M519
Teac CT-M5950
Teac CT-M5950S
Teac CT-M5954
Teac CT-M635
Teac CT-M635M
Teac CT-M6811
Teac CT-M6812
Teac CT-M6840
Teac CT-M6840A
Teac CT-M6854
Teac CT-M6854S
Teac CT-M6855
Teac CT-M6855S
Teac CT-M7115
Teac CT-M7115NS
Teac CT-M7158
Teac CT-M745
Teac CT-M745N
Teac CT-M7518
Teac CT-M805
Teac CT-M805SV
Teac CT-M806
Teac CT-M806SV
Teac CT-M807
Teac CT-M807SV
Teac CT-M808
Teac CT-M808SV
Teac CT-M809
Teac CT-M809AV
Teac CT-W2850
Teac CT-W2850S
Teac CT-W3250
Teac CT-W3250S
Teac CT-W3270
Teac CT-W3270S
Teac CT-W3290
Teac CT-W3290S
Teac CV34A3NZ
Teac DPH-707
Teac DT3503
Teac DV1000
Teac DV1050
Teac DV20D
Teac DV2170
Teac DV2180
Teac DV2190
Teac DV3000
Teac DV3100
Teac DV3120
Teac DV3150
Teac DV3170
Teac DV3200
Teac DV3300
Teac DV3500
Teac DV4120
Teac DV4170
Teac DV50
Teac DV5120
Teac DV7D
Teac DV90
Teac DV-B200
Teac DV-B300
Teac DV-B350
Teac DV-B400
Teac DV-B420
Teac DVD3800
Teac DV-H350
Teac DV-H500
Teac DV-P100
Teac DV-P1010
Teac DV-P1020
Teac DV-P200
Teac DV-P300
Teac DV-P370
Teac DV-P375
Teac DV-P380
Teac DV-P50
Teac DV-P700
Teac DV-P701
Teac DV-V800
Teac EU2814
Teac EU2816STF
Teac EU2845
Teac EU2845ST
Teac EU2880
Teac EU2880S
Teac EU2890
Teac EU2890ST
Teac EU3216
Teac EU3216STF
Teac EU3242
Teac EU3242ST
Teac EU3280
Teac EU3280S
Teac EU34T
Teac EU6650
Teac EU6650ST
Teac EU68ST
Teac EU7650
Teac EU7650ST
Teac EU8080
Teac EU8080S
Teac HD-420
Teac HTX1800
Teac ITV-D500
Teac LCD221
Teac LCD22108
Teac LCD2633
Teac LCD2633A
Teac LCD3233
Teac LCD3233A
Teac LCD3233SA
Teac LCD3733
Teac LCD3733A
Teac LCD3735
Teac LCD3735A
Teac LCD4233
Teac LCD4233A
Teac LCD4235
Teac LCD4235A
Teac LCDV1955HD
Teac LCDV2255HD
Teac LCDV2655HD
Teac LCDV3255HD
Teac LCHD2040
Teac NB117AD(DVD)
Teac NB117AD(VCR)
Teac ODV950
Teac PDV475
Teac PL-D1000
Teac PL-D1200
Teac PL-D1220
Teac PL-D1500
Teac PL-D1520
Teac PL-D1550
Teac PL-D1620
Teac PL-D1800
Teac PL-D2000
Teac PL-D200V
Teac PL-D2100
Teac PL-D2200
Teac PL-D3200
Teac PL-D412
Teac PR106
Teac PVR100T
Teac PVR160
Teac RC-1004
Teac RC-1014
Teac RC-1074
Teac RC-1107
Teac RC-227
Teac RC-301-RC-308
Teac RC-301V10
Teac RC-326
Teac RC-381
Teac RC-454
Teac RC-499
Teac RC-505
Teac RC-513
Teac RC-533
Teac RC-6182
Teac RC-633
Teac RC-684
Teac RC-734
Teac RC-734BLACK
Teac RC-735
Teac RC-747
Teac RC-751
Teac RC766
Teac RC-781
Teac RC-787
Teac RC-799
Teac RC-801
Teac RC-805
Teac RC-811
Teac RC-818
Teac RC-823
Teac RC-829
Teac RC-830
Teac RC-842
Teac RC-867
Teac RC-880
Teac RC-882
Teac RC-887
Teac RC-900
Teac RC-920
Teac RC-921
Teac RC-922
Teac RC-925
Teac RC-948
Teac RC-950
Teac RC-953
Teac RC-965
Teac RC-966
Teac RC-970
Teac RC-983
Teac RC-987(DVD)
Teac RC-999
Teac REM06
Teac RWD280
Teac SDR161
Teac T19LID638
Teac T22LI638
Teac T22LID638
Teac T628638
Teac TD638
Teac TDV400
Teac TH515F
Teac TH685
Teac TH685F
Teac TH800
Teac TH800F
Teac TL-REF200
Teac UR-424
Teac V65010




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